Dashboard of Dashboards – Consolidation different data sources into one central dashboard

Many times we encounter customers who have many BI applications divided according to different content worlds.

Often there is a need to unite the worlds of content into one system where all the different aspects of the business can be analyzed on one page.

For this we created the Mashup DOD which is a union of information from different models.

Advantages of the application:

· Consolidation of the information only in the visual layer, without consolidation the ETL in the background.

· Good execution times.

· Great business value for the user.

· Especially liked by senior management.

· Available in Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

As the rest of our products, this extension is plug & play and easy to use for Qlik Developers.

Its available for both Qlik Cloud and Qlik On Premise.

© 2023 One BI Design.

© 2023 One BI Design.