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Dashboard Of Dashboards

Combining 6 Qlik Sense apps in one solution

a Global management dashboard uniting measures from different Qlik Sense apps in sales, manufacturing, and operations.

The dashboard is designed to surface daily abnormal readings in the companies measures

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The Users

CEO and executives requesting two different analysis types

  • Desktop – deep analysis from the office environment
  • Mobile – urgent business queries around the clock form anywhere

The Callenge

6 Different Branches In A Glamps

The challenge resides two parallel planes

  • designing and specifying the interface – displaying much data on a unified working dashboard and emphasizing critical information
  • technology – linking together branches from different sources
Group 13

System Development

The technique we used is called Mashup

It basically means mashing together different types of data visualizations on top of Qlik Sense to create a visually flexible and scalable solution

Technologically it allows us to display data from several different branches in a single dashboard

In terms of design it allows us freedom to step out of the BI system, and opens a whole range of design possibilities we know from web and mobile apps .

That freedom lets us dream big.

Mobile Dashboard Design

we’ve specially adapted the content to fit mobile devices, while keeping an emphasis on the difference in screen size and use. more importantly understanding the difference in user needs is key. although the users remain the same, their use of mobile is very different then their use of desktop: the content they need on the move is not the same as in the office.

Mobile analysis of the company’s sales branch

Desktop analysis allows for deep and detail data diving.

However, in mobile analysis we’ve created the ability to watch current data with a glamps. out of the realization that a mobile user needs fast answers, here, and now.

שמיר מובייל מסכים copy
Group 14


While in desktop we used a table to display data. it mobile it’s a hassle. with the mashup we’ve developed mobile adapted components that convert the table to a cards gallery

This allows for great convenience in data queries

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